Have a beautiful and intuitive site to take your customers on a journey.

Bring your business to life with a clean, intuitive website. Platform Media’s dedicated team of experienced web developers can build a home for your brand, tell your story, and showcase your products and services. Your business goals and your vision will be at the top of our list to ensure your site reflects your brand, what you do and what you have to offer.  We will delve into your business, research and develop a web strategy, not only to grow an online presence for your brand but to build strong leads and execute sales. More of us browse websites and webpages to explore, learn and purchase products and services. Whether you are new to the web or need a website refresh, our team is here to drive your business forward, online.

One third of all online shopping in the UK was done using mobile devices as of 2019.

*Don’t Disappoint Me 2021

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Our Process


We offer the solutions to increase your lead generation, from this service or a combination of our experts. The Platform Media team will take a collaborative approach to get you on the web. Data is important, so we use the most up to date data framework and latest technologies to monitor web traffic across your website and know exactly how and when to optimise your site by implementing creative strategies to extend your reach even further.

Web Planning

Our research and development offers us an insight into what it takes to make your business thrive with a website. An analysis of your business provides unique insights and data which is used to develop a plan of action to tackle anything that may be holding your business back. We can implement the essential strategies to get your business running and growing online, with, E-commerce, content management, professional copy and mobile compatibility.

Web Design

All of our bespoke websites are developed to have exceptional ease of use to the consumer. Simple navigation can make even simpler sales. As the popularity of making purchases online grows, every site we develop is mobile ready, so can be accessed on a variety of mobile devices. Allowing your customers to browse your website on a mobile device, and with the integration of mobile paying options for your customers, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal, could drive traffic to your products and could significantly increase sales.


Our expert team of developers, designers, creatives and strategists can learn more about your business and work together to innovate a number of ways to grow your website. More and more people are visiting websites to learn about and purchase goods and services. Whether your business is new to the web or if you want to update what you already have, now is the time.


Your website is your very own digital storefront. It is built around you and your product. It will complement the look and feel of your brand, to give your business authenticity and a strong digital presence. The application of your branding, logos, and graphics with a further variation of digital content will give each page personality. Platform Media can also produce content for your site, including photography, video, graphics, and branding.

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47% of users expect a maximum of 2 seconds loading time for an average website.


Platform Media can build a user-friendly interface that will make your site simple and intuitive for anyone to navigate and display your brand and products like never before. Our web specialists can develop bespoke e-commerce pages, making it quick and easy for customers to browse and buy. Every site we develop also comes mobile ready, bringing your business to more customers.  A powerful and responsive user experience is stunningly designed around your brand and products. Your site will be updated regularly with the latest products and services, news and advice, including digital content, photography, video and graphics, with our advanced content management system.



We created this beautiful looking website for a local flooring company.

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