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Successful videos are the result of strong marketing campaigns with braver and bolder ideas. Our success has relied on a strong marketing focus behind the creation of all of our videos for our clients. You only have a matter of seconds to stand out online and creative strategic videos are the best way to allow your audience to engage and familiarise themselves with your brand. Video is the most powerful digital tool and we have seen how video content has evolved and continues to evolve in the digital world. 

The average UK resident watches video content for five hours and 40 minutes a day.

*Hubspot 2021



We are creative and insightful and know the current media trends that will help your brand communicate to your client base seamlessly. Our expert level of research into beginning the process allows us to delve deeper into your business. We make it our business to understand your business. 

Working alongside the digital marketing team a strong marketing strategy is needed to create and allow us to enforce your brand’s goals, audiences and personality. We research your competitors and the marketplace that you are venturing into before we begin the video production process and elevate your business to new levels.  

Are you ready to stand out?  

Video Planning

The next stage that the creative team undergo is producing an innovatively structured plan that will drive the flow of your video. We strive to create a video that captivates our audiences with an inceptive concept. We want to understand what makes our customers tick and create content that connects and inspires. It has become tricker and tricker to engage audiences, but don’t worry, we have some knowledge about it.   

Video Creation 

At Platform Media, we have continued to ‘Wow’ our audiences and customers with our highly skilled and creative approach to our video production.  Through the capturing and editing of all footage, we make sure to tell your story with your company’s core message embedded throughout our work. Our continued approach is to maximise our creative and strategic output. We utilise a different range of techniques to develop your video ensuring you get greater and valuable volumes of engagement by targeting specific individual audiences, demographics and behaviours.

Video Distribution 

Once the final videos have been approved it is time to decide how we are distributing your new, powerful footage. 

Video is the most effective way to grow your social media presence. Our team specialise in marketing your video effectively and will be able to perfectly position the content of your videos to demand digital engagement. We can also help you build rapport and strengthen trust with you and your customer creating a lasting relationship.

We ensure that each of our projects flows smoothly and that the lines of communication are always open. It’s our job to lead you through this industry, and be heard over your competition but with our level of expertise, you can be sure to receive the best.  


Creating inspiring digital experiences. 

87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool.

*Hubspot 2021

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