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Social Media Management

At Platform Media, we know that managing your social media can be a time-consuming task and that many people either find daunting or aren’t using it to its full potential. That’s where come in to help, we can update and create content that will improve engagement across all mediums. We take pride in becoming a part of your team and boosting your presence online.

The Social Media Management team do this by identifying areas of opportunity and build a winning social marketing strategy tailored to your business, that will help boost your business and maximise the efficiency of your budget. It will be delivered in an easily understood and actionable format.

Platform Media can improve communication between your business and your customer base ensuring that your business sales, brand and reach all reach their full potential.

social media management


  • Management of up to 3 platforms
  • Competitor analysis undertaken and results utilised for our social media management service
  • Includes 1-day on-site video production and 1 day of editing each month
  • Includes up to 20 Facebook (or another medium) posts scheduled across each social page, each month
  • Includes up to 12 Instagram (or another medium) posts scheduled each month
  • Includes up to 4 Twitter (or another medium) posts scheduled each month
  • In-depth analytics report supplied monthly