A visualisation of your business message can make it much easier to build a strong and impactful brand identity.

First impressions matter, that is why our talented team of designers can boost your brand identity with a bold and memorable logo. Brand trust is a benefit often overlooked with regards to having a logo. Your logo is ubiquitous and will be utilised across your business from your websites to branded products. This will provide you with a professional and established industry presence. We blend, research, creativity and your vision to construct your brand identity and make your presence recognizable.

The Platform Media team will use this collaborative effort to produce your logo and supply your brand with a relevant and distinctive design. Once we establish your branding and business goals, our team of experts will conduct a deep dive into your business, products and the industry to discover the most effective aesthetic combinations to produce your logo. 

Logo Design for Hoose complete with Brand Identity through Brand Guidelines. Business Card Mockup

76% of the leading brands’ designs only use mono or two color tones in their logos.

*DesignCrowd, 2020


Our Process


We will comb through various and relevant fonts, iconography and an appropriate colour palette. This combination will ensure the logo is unique yet relevant to the industry. These important elements will be paired to the content, products and services of your business to maintain consistency throughout. We know your logo will be the face of your brand, it is important to lend a collaborative aspect to it. We will guide you through our process and provide you with sketches and drafts to ensure the process reflects your vision and brand message. 

Be Seen

Having a personalised and unique logo can ensure consistency for your business. Paired with an established and active online presence, your logo could be recognised within the industry, maintaining uniformity across web pages, social media networks and other branded materials. Your business will be recognisable at just a glance. The complementary elements of text, iconography and colour matched with creative visual content; photography, video, graphics and web design, will impart a strong brand identity and make an increasingly positive impact on your business.

Brand Identity

It is much easier to build a strong brand identity with a unique and relevant logo so our talented team will take creative measures to ensure we tell your story through a stunning design. The logo will represent you, your brand, products and services. Your brand message will be front and centre, new and returning customers will recognise your business across multiple channels.


Platform Media strives to bring creativity and innovation to every project, and logo design is no different. Collaboration between our research, designers and clients, gives a unique understanding of branding solutions. The goal is to make your brand recognisable and memorable, to raise engagement with the brand and successively drive sales.


With a distinctive logo, the opportunities are endless. The universality of a stunning corporate logo can stimulate brand loyalty. It provides a familiarity that will remind consumers of who you are and what you can do for them, so customers will keep coming back. That loyalty and memorability also promotes positive reinforcement of the brand itself between customers and potential customers they could be recommending your services to.