Cook with Norah

Brand Identity
Graphic Design

Come along and cook with Norah

Norah Brown MBE (awarded for her contribution to Food & Tourism in Northern Ireland) and one of Rick Stein’s “Food Heroes” is well known for her passionate approach to traditional cooking and using local ingredients. Having retired from the shop in Dungannon, Norah needed no encouragement to find another outlet for her enthusiasm promoting local ingredients and traditional cooking by setting up her own cookery classes at Grange Lodge. Her latest adventure has seen her adapt her cooking skills on the Social Media platform of Facebook so remember to follow “Cook with Norah” for lots more recipes, along with useful hints and tips.


Brand Identity

Create a brand, creative design and print to match in with the name Cook with Norah. A book was needed to be of high enough quality and with enough creative and thoughtful design so as to be worthy of selling.


Skillful Design

Following on from the brand identity and graphic design work for Cook with Norah there have now been 2 books published with multiple print runs, such as the popularity of the book and the skill that’s behind the recipes. Cook with Norah is becoming a phenomenon and the brand identity and skilled publishing knowledge have, in some part at least, supported the journey of this ever-growing brand.