BEnefits of Paid Social Advertising.

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Backlinko found that in 2021, an estimated 4.8 billion people are using social media worldwide.

While this is impressive, due to people and businesses rushing to these platforms, the levels of competition grew. This demanded that services worked harder, eventually diminishing the same level of organic reach.

Have you often logged into Facebook or Instagram and noticed posts that say ‘sponsored’ or ‘promoted’? This is a form of paid social advertising.

Progressively more brands are learning to invest into this method of marketing to increase their brand awareness, amplify their social media presence and target their target audiences. Creating ads on these social media platforms has never been easier. These apps have tools to produce your very own customised ad, reaching your target demographics, an allocated budget and specific interests.

Let’s take a step back. The audience that you’re trying to target may be in a specific location or have even more specific interests. Now that we have considered these aspects, couldn’t creating this particular form of advert be an effective method?

Paid social media advertising is a great way to boost your brand awareness, especially for SMEs. If your content appears in users’ news feeds regularly, brand recognition will naturally increase. (Hootsuite)

For digital marketers, it’s critical to be able to measure and track clicks, engagements and reach. With paid social ads, it’s the perfect tool to measure the overall success of your online campaign. Paid social ad campaigns can be used in a range of methods, such as video, image or post. This can ensure that your content is delivered to new and existing audiences in a clear and distinctive format.

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