3 Reasons you need to be using video to promote your business.

2017 was declared by many creators “the year of video” and that year has never really ended, video content has grown exponentially year on year to the point that video content makes up for more than 80% of all content consumed on the internet in 2022. If that isn’t enough reason for you to consider using video to promote your business then here’s 3 more reasons.

By Dan Gillespie

Video Production - Platform Media

Attention is currency.

Instagram Ceo Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram is no longer a photo only platform and explained that it is shifting its focus to Video. When companies like Facebook and Instagram or anything under the ‘Meta’ umbrella begin to talk about a change of direction then you better sit up and take note. Ultimately these companies work in the currency of attention and video is the number one way to capture users attention. With this in mind the algorithms are built to push the content that pulls the most attention hence video being the favoured medium within these platforms. Simply put, social media is all about attention and video is the best way to grab attention. 

Cut through the noise.

In times past businesses used many different strategies to cut through the noise of their competition, from leaflets through doors to billboards. Business has always been about standing out from the competition and getting your brand out there. Now the most accessible way to do that is through the form of video, video allows people to see in real time what you’re all about and nothing speaks louder in a world of filters and virtual reality than authenticity.   

Video is versatile. 

From YouTube to TikTok and everything in between, video can be repurposed for the majority of social media platforms making it the perfect foundation to build a content strategy upon. Video is king on social media. But each platform has different recommendations for content, aesthetic, and length, as well as different delivery specs.

Tip of the Week

When capturing content for yourself, be sure to use any natural light that is available especially with phone cameras lighting is key to capturing eye catching content. So move closer to a window and get that light in front of you.